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February 19th marked the 50th anniversary of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and to commemorate his influence, PBS aired a 24-hour marathon of the iconic show. PBS also aired the cartoon inspired by Roger’s work: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

On top of those shows airing, a special legacy film titled Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like will air on March 6th. The film will be narrated by Michael Keaton and feature testimonies from the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and Sarah Silverman. Other celebrities will make appearances as well as they reflect on what they learned from Mr. Rogers and his show. The film will also showcase the major lessons and moments Mr. Rogers has provided over the years; like Big Bird moving into the neighborhood, or when Mr. Rogers met Bill Nye The Science Guy.

It’s hard to believe that Mr. Rogers sadly left us on this day in 2003 (he was 74) but at least as a good person, he didn’t die young. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood lasted 31 seasons with a little more than 900 episodes and he truly wanted every episode to have an impact, as evidenced in his testimony to the U.S. Senate in 1969.

Leading up to the PBS special, his shows will return in another marathon. Mr. Rogers will also be the focus of a biopic with Tom Hanks playing his likeness.

You can check out the PBS promo video below:

Also be sure to watch Mr. Rogers’ address to the Senate over public broadcasting below:

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