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Hopefully everyone is familiar with cake pops; scraps of cake rolled into balls, covered in frosting and dipped in a sweet fondue (If you’re not then visit your nearest Starbucks-or local baker). While cake pops are nothing new, they have yet to really hit mainstream in food trends. I worked in many bakeries and witnessed how cake pops were made yet I was always baffled as to why we didn’t sell them on the menu (employees mostly made the pops for personal use). Basically, the pops are super moist, delicious balls and everyone should have at least 10 in their lifetime (10 is equivalent to 1 slice of regular cake in my fantasy calculations).

Enter the Pop Cake Shop now open in the City Point food hall in Brooklyn (10 City Point Brooklyn, NY 11201). These cake pops are still super moist and obviously delicious, however, they offer a lot more. Their pops are more of the push variety (like the push pop candy from the 90’s). Pop Cake Shop gives the more literal version of a cake lollipop with three layers of cake and frosting topped with whatever you want, all on a convenient stick to eat with.

There’s unlimited toppings and you can mix and match the layers.

It starts out with a layer of cake followed by a frosting of your choice. After that comes a filling varying from normal items (cookie dough) to strange (gummy bears/sour candy) which then gets sandwiched by another layer of cake and frosting. Then another filling is added with the final layer of cake and frosting completing the shape. The fun part is you can get unlimited toppings on top of the pop with more frosting and even cover the rim of the pop with chocolate or vanilla. Plus, everything can be mixed and matched (although be cautious of what you mix).

To go the pops have a handy snap cover and of course the handle can move to push the pop up.

Already one can tell that this pop delivers more than a traditional cake pop (and is more awesome). The flavors are the standard choices everyone likes (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet) there are daily flavors as well. When I went funfetti cake was available and matcha mousse was on the menu as a topping as well. The combinations already warrant multiple visits, which I will happily oblige. If you’re looking for a fun party treat or sweets to place in a gift box then definitely check out Pop Cake Shop. Not only are the cake pops innovative, but you can buy cupcakes that you frost yourself and other unconventional treats.

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