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Japan will always be ahead of the West when it comes to continuing anime plot lines. Japan already has a stage play adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins and possibly a complete second season. Meanwhile, in the states, the first season of the anime is getting buried in viewers Netflix queue as fans await news of the second season dub import.

A new trailer for the film titled The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky has dropped and yes it is only in Japanese. Western anime fans usually view a film release as an indicator of when a new season will premiere for them, however, anticipating releases this way is usually a 50-50 game. According to the trailer the film will premiere in Japan on August 18th.

New CM for the anime film, “Nanatsu no Taizai the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky," featuring the theme song by Nogizaka46. It will open in Japanese theaters August 18th — moetron | pKjd (@pkjd818) June 25, 2018

The trailer also released alongside the synopsis below:

“We are in a world where the Fairies, Goddesses and Demons exist. The ones who saved the Liones kingdom that was on the brink of destruction following the Demons’ secret maneuvers were the legendary order of criminals and knights “the Seven Deadly Sins” and one princess. And some time has elapsed since the peace was brought to the Liones kingdom. To celebrate the kingdom’s anniversary, the Seven Deadly Sins arrived at a border territory looking for an elusive ingredient, the sky fish. In the middle of searching it, their captain Meliodas and the pig Hawk who speaks the human language get sent up to the Sky Temple, the celestial world lying high in the sky, above clouds. The “Sky Winged ones” who possess wings dwell that temple. Meliodas was mistaken by them as the young boy who broke a law and thrown in jail. In the Sky Temple is being prepared the ceremony aimed at preventing the liberation of the fiendish beasts that were sealed away during three thousand years. But the group “Six Black Knights” led by Berlion turns up with designs against the Sky Winged ones’ lives in order to break the seal. To protect everyone from these inhumanely cruel guys, Meliodas and the others clash against the Six Black Knights.”

Apparently angels(?) will make their debut in the series (considering demons were the main focus of the first season) and one of the Sins will possibly turn on the rest of the group. According to the synopsis, the film will take place after the events of the first season (Merlin is seen as traveling with the group), but in true Japanese fashion, the film may not be cannon. Hopefully, the film will reveal the second season’s debut or at least feature an English release in the West.

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