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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is equal parts a fan service and simple yet competitive fighting game; with a roster of  cute girls, timid women, femme fatales, absolute knockouts and captivating women while going so far as to include a Japanese viral DLC character and gender swapping an iconic fighter from video game history. With the game officially being out almost a month, it’s time for a new fighter to join the frenzy. Another crossover character will compete to become the “Belle of the Ball“.

The second crossover character is Skullomania, a fighter from Street Fighter EX back in 1996; well this reveal trailer lists the character as “Skullo Mania” so maybe there’s a distinct difference besides the characters being gender swapped. The original male version Skullomania will also be a part of upcoming fighting game Fighting EX Layer, and SNK has revealed that Terry Bogard will be a guest character on that game as well. Only fitting that guest characters should crossover on different games. If these characters are the same then Skullomania is the second male fighter to be featured in this all-female cast; meaning he’s been gender swapped like Terry Bogard.

Who will be the “Belle of the Ball” out of these 16:

  1. Skullo Mania (DLC)

  2. Thief Arthur (DLC)

  3. Terry Bogard (Now just known as Terry)

  4. Mui Mui

  5. Mian

  6. Luong

  7. Love Heart

  8. Sylvie

  9. Zarina

  10. Shermie

  11. Nakoruru

  12. Athena Asamiya

  13. Kula Diamond

  14. Leona Heidern

  15. Mai Shiranui

  16. Yuri Sakazaki

Skullo Mania will be available on October 11th. Check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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