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It was announced a little before the NYC Comic-Con that AMC’s two zombie hit shows (Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead) would feature a crossover episode. With The Walking Dead about to hit its mid-season finale for season eight and Fear the Walking Dead prepping its fourth season, the medium for the crossover has been revealed.

Many have speculated that Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) would have been the character to tie together both shows, but AMC announced that Lennie James’ (Morgan) will be the one to fill in the blanks of the universe’s timeline. Abraham made sense considering Cudlitz was killed off in the season seven premiere (giving him time to possibly film the crossover) and Abraham’s story started in Texas (where the Fear the Walking Dead characters are now), but Morgan is still more of a fan favorite character and also has more backstory left to reveal on the show.

Michael Cudlitz (as Abraham) had his story start in Texas and could have added a cool character to the “Fear The Walking Dead” cast.

Lennie James appearing on both shows actually serves the fan-base since comic readers will love seeing more of Morgan and his story can flush out plot-lines for both series. Since Fear the Walking Dead takes place during the initial outbreak of walkers appearing (while Rick is in a coma on The Walking Dead), fans get to see Morgan’s story as it unfolds (instead of through flashbacks). Morgan could also serve as a take-no-prisoners bad-ass character that could rally the characters of Fear the Walking Dead since their future plans have been completely swerved.

It should also be noted that while the announcement was for one crossover episode, Lennie James will be filming multiple episodes for Fear the Walking Dead, indicating that he will be a series regular for the prequel. Producer Scott M. Gimple also revealed Morgan’s safety for the mother show so fans don’t need to worry. Perhaps Morgan will keep the cast safe enough for them to reach Atlanta or even Virginia, since once the story-lines are connected there may be more characters available to cross-over. Who’s to say Abraham might not make an appearance as well?

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