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NYC Comic-con grows every year with the latest premieres of trailers, cult TV panels and sometimes legendary re-unions. On perhaps the most hectic day of the four day convention, another pop-culture crossover was announced.

Superstar The Weeknd decided to reveal the latest project he was hinting at these past few months. In collaboration with Marvel comics, The Weeknd announced that he will be one of Marvel’s new heroes.

The new series is called “Starboy” (sharing the name of his last album) and actually features The Weeknd on the cover. The Weeknd is not only on the cover, but his arm is enveloped in a type of pink energy, suggesting that he will be the titular hero.

There are two ways this can play out: The Weeknd somehow develops galactic/light based powers and becomes Starboy, or The Weeknd is Starboy in the first issue and has to transfer his powers over to someone else as a way of keeping Starboy a permanent fixture in the Marvel universe.

Not much else has been announced for the new comic, so fans don’t know if it’s a limited series or even if it’s somehow connected to the main universe being used by Marvel. Heroes such as Spider-Gwen and Gwenpool are amazing but exist outside of the major universe currently being used. Miles Morales as Spider-Man was the only hero to exist from an alternate universe to be injected into the main universe in the past few years so fans will see what role Starboy may play.

This isn’t the first time a pop icon has been placed in Marvel comics with other celebrities such as the Wu-Tang Clan making appearances. Popular anime Attack on Titan even made a crossover with Spider-Man.  The Weeknd isn’t even the first Canadian to be in a Marvel comic with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making an appearance last year.

The Weeknd is different by, however, by being featured as the main protagonist. More importantly, he revealed the project next to Spawn creator Todd McFarlane (also Canadian). Perhaps Starboy will get involved with Marvel’s supernatural characters.

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