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SoulCalibur VI‘s release roster was filled out with the return of Raphael Sorel, only for newer additions to the roster being made DLC. Now a fan-favorite and somewhat non-explored character will be a part of the next DLC pack in the form of Amy. Amy takes the name Sorel as she was an orphan who unintentionally saved Rapahel from pursuing soldiers; and who in return adopted her. She was originally just a plot device for Raphael, but became a main playable character in Soul Calibur IV (after being a bonus character in Soul Calibur III).

With the sixth installment of the franchise retelling the events between Soul Edge and SoulCalibur, Amy appears as a human instead of the malfested she becomes when exposed to an injured Raphael in the later half of the franchise’s timeline. Due to the franchise getting a reboot, it may be possible that Amy can even save Raphael from becoming malfested in the the first place. It may also be possible that she never becomes Viola from SoulCalibur V. She is seen traveling to find Raphael, who had left earlier to find Soul Edge to change the world for her. In the later half of the timeline, Raphael returns to find Amy missing and then sets off looking for her.

Considering her adoption by Raphael, Amy fights using a rapier as well. Due to her age and size, however, she is faster and able to mix-up her combos midway through execution. Not only will players be able to download her, but they will get her gear as included into the Create-A-Soul feature.

Amy will be available this week and is actually the last character in the Deluxe version of SoulCalibur VI with the other two characters being Tira and 2B. Recent leaks had revealed that Amy would’ve been the next DLC character, with Bandai Namco essentially confirming it on the last day of Japan EVO 2019. If the leaks are 100% accurate, which it looks to be now, the next DLC character would be Cassandra.

The current roster, now with DLC is as follows:

  1. Amy

  2. 2B (DLC guest character)

  3. Raphael Sorel

  4. Cervantes

  5. Azwel (new character)

  6. Tira (DLC)

  7. Seong Mi-Na

  8. Astaroth

  9. Voldo

  10. Talim

  11. Maxi

  12. Yoshimitsu

  13. Siegfried

  14. Taki

  15. Geralt (guest character)

  16. Ivy

  17. Zasalamel

  18. Kilik

  19. Xianghua

  20. Nightmare

  21. Groh (new character)

  22. Sophitia

  23. Mitsurugi

Check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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