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A few weeks ago media clearance startup Dubset raised $4 million in Series A investment in order to seal a deal with Sony Music. As a media clearance company Dubset identifies and catalogs musical patterns in order to properly distribute royalties to the proper parties. This feature is crucial in keeping DJs and music producers safe from copyright infringement.

The only other service similar to Dubset is YouTube’s Content ID, which flags any content considered copyright; but YouTube can either remove the content outright or intimidate the poster into taking it down. Before the creation of SoundCloud, many producers at home and on radio-waves would create their own mixes and remixes to place on YouTube. Before that, we had LimeWire to find all these mixes. SoundCloud later became the medium for covers and remixes galore. Obviously the problem was that nobody was checking SoundCloud.

SoundCloud still provides a form of free advertisement for any mixes that include sampled or remixed content but nobody gains any revenue, which defeats the purpose of being featured on legal streaming services. The only reason SoundCloud still existed is due to the Safe Harbor Law but even SoundCloud was in danger of shutting down. With this new partnership, Dubset ensures that any genre of music and any sample of music used will be given its proper due.

Now that the deal with Sony Music has been made Dubset plans to make the same deal with Warner and Universal. Perfect considering that artists like Major Lazer have blown up due to practices like this. Last year Dubset got its first set of cataloged songs on Spotify and Apple Music, so expect more to follow. On top of this, radio becomes more relevant since DJ remixes change daily and radio stations still receive more ad funding than streaming services.

So “Go DJ cause you’re my DJ”.

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