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The open beta for Dragon Ball Fighterz drops this weekend and with that the final character trailer featuring Beerus is here. These trailers are short but that’s acceptable since Beerus debuted with Hit and Goku Black during a Fiesta Jump event a few weeks ago. Hit and Goku Black already had a chance to showcase their stuff so let’s look at what Beerus can do.

As the God of Destruction for Universe 7, Beerus has incredible power with a lackadaisical approach to fighting. Many of his moves consist of soft-looking blows that pack a serious punch. On top of that, Beerus can surround himself with ki spheres that work offensively and defensively. He can flood the field with the spheres like landmines, use them as a shield for exploding armor or just bombard the opponent for extra hits to a combo.

If you’re thinking about entering the beta here’s the roster:

  1. Beerus

  2. Hit

  3. Goku Black (with Zamasu)

  4. Gotenks (SS3)

  5. Majin Buu (Kid or Evil form)

  6. Gohan (present timeline/adult)

  7. Nappa (with Saibamen)

  8. Captain Ginyu (with the Ginyu Force)

  9. Goku

  10. Vegeta

  11. Gohan (from Cell saga)

  12. Future Trunks (Cell saga)

  13. Perfect Cell

  14. Frieza (Final  and Golden form)

  15. Majin Buu (Fat or Innocent form)

  16. Android 16

  17. Android 18 & Android 17

  18. Piccolo

  19. Krillin

  20. Yamcha

  21. Tien & Chiaotzu

  22. Goku (Blue or God form as a pre-order)

  23. Vegeta (Blue form as a pre-order)

Despite the beta starting this weekend, the game will drop January 26th.

Check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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