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Back when TEEN TITANS Go! TO THE MOVIES was released, Warner Bros. teased that the 2003 Teen Titans series could get another season if the film sold well. The film was okay at best, but it looks like Warner Bros. might have fulfilled their promise.

A new trailer has dropped for the film TEEN TITANS GO! VS. TEEN TITANS and while the film stars the TEEN TITANS GO! characters, the original team is front and center as well. Villains from both universes have teamed up to take on the Titans and one of doing so is by pitting them against each other. The official synopsis is below:

“In ‘Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans’, the comedic modern-day quintet takes on their 2003 counterparts when villains from each of their worlds join forces to pit the two Titan teams against each other. They’ll need to set aside their differences and work together to combat Trigon, Hexagon, Santa Claus (that’s right, Santa!) and time itself in order to save the universe. ”

At the end of the first film, the 2003 Titans were featured as a post-credit scene and now they are fully featured in a film. Warner Bros. could very well be getting closer to making either a new season or a revival of the older series. Also, for some reason Werid Al Yankovic will be the voice of Darkseid.

TEEN TITANS GO! VS. TEEN TITANS will be out on Blu-ray and digital later this year. You can check out the trailer below:

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