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The merger between Disney and Fox is essentially done; the contracts have to be signed and the money needs to change hands. That being said, we now know just what exactly Disney acquired from Fox in the buyout.

Joining the Disney family are:

  1. The Simpsons

  2. Family Guy

  3. James Cameron’s Avatar

  4. American Dad!

  5. King of the Hill

  6. Bob’s Burgers

  7. Alien

  8. Predator

  9. The X-Files

  10. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  11. American Horror Story

  12. Ice Age

  13. Rio

  14. The Peanuts Movie

  15. Ferdinand

  16. Home Alone

  17. Miracle on 34th Street

  18. The Sound of Music

  19. Planet of the Apes

  20. Modern Family

  21. Futurama

  22. 24

  23. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It’s also important to note that everything that was in development from Fox Searchlight is now in Disney’s possession as well. Another big move to note is that 24 is reportedly getting a prequel series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer was already announced to be rebooted back at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month.

Lastly, the two largest film franchises in history are now under the same roof. Under the acquisition, the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises will now be able to enter the Marvel cinematic universe; and Disney now owns the Star Wars original trilogy and the prequels, on top of filming the newer entries of the franchise.

Some of these titles do raise eyebrows due to their nature, however, the animation domination titles do rake in significant viewers and money, while films like Alien and Predator are going through a reboot phase as well. It only makes sense for Disney to want control over properties undergoing reboots and easy cash cows. The real question is whether Disney will let the properties be or have a hand in their continued development.

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