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Mattel debuted the other ultimate test of friendship UNO (the other being Monopoly) in 1971 and besides Cards Against Humanity, is still the greatest game in the world. Well with slumping stock sales and Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy, a change needed to be made.

Meet DOS, the card game sequel you never knew could be made and at first glance, may involve more thinking than its predecessor. The basic concept of DOS is the same as UNO with quite a few rule changes. Granted, everyone has apparently been playing UNO wrong from the jump.

Here are the rules:

  1. Everyone draws cards, the dealer is determined by the highest number.

  2. Everyone gets seven cards.

  3. Dealer takes two cards from the deck and places them face up next to each other (this is the “center row”). There should be three piles now.

  4. First player can do one of two things:  place down a card that matches the number of the center row or place down two cards that add up to one of the center row cards’ numbers (players can only place cards once on each row).

  5. If you match the color and number of one of the cards in the center row, place a card face-up in the center row at the end of your turn. If your color matches both center row cards, put a card down at the end of your turn and the other players draw one.

  6. If you can’t make a play, draw one and if you still can’t make a play, you can put down any card.

There are two special cards, the Wild DOS card (the multi-colored 2) and the Wild # card. Wild DOS card is equal to  2 but can match any color. The Wild # card can be any number but has a specific color. Also, the numbers go from 1-10 instead of 0-9.

Winning in DOS is different than winning in UNO as well. Instead of winning when you run out cards, you win by reaching 200 points. When you run out of cards you have to add together the values of all the cards in the other players’ hands. Number cards keep their face value, while Wild DOS cards are worth 20 points and Wild # cards are worth 40.

DOS will be available first at Target on March 4th and everywhere else in August.

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