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The Sopranos is a modern classic and a staple to study in the history of television, even with the infamous ending. Now series creator David Chase has decided to revisit the mafia world with a fully developed film to serve as a prequel.

The film is called The Many Saints of Newark, and was bought from Chase by New Line Cinema. The film takes place shortly after the real-life Newark riots in the 1960’s. The Newark riots took place over four days in 1967, but the tension was high before and the aftermath of the riots broke down any moral barriers both sides had left. African-Americans and whites (in this case Italians) had beaten and murdered each other due to racial profiling and blatant discrimination.

Characters from the original series will make appearances in the film, albeit played by younger actors. Based on the history of the Newark riots, there is a high chance that Tony Soprano’s father, Giovanni “Johnny Boy”, will be main focus of the film (or at least drive the plot). With Giovanni being in the film, Tony’s uncle Junior and Tony’s wife (all younger than we envision) can be heavily featured as well.

David Chase wrote the prequel film along with Lawrence Konnor (who also wrote The Sopranos) and will not only be involved in production, but choose the film’s director as well.

No other details have been released, but The Sopranos ran from 1999-2007 and was HBO’s largest draw. The Sopranos was essentially the Game of Thrones for its time period. It’s only a damn shame that James Gandolfini isn’t around to see this.

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