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SoulCalibur VI’s first announcement at Gamescon was monumental. While the game is already speculated to revive the Soul Calibur franchise, two characters were already announced to return back at EVO a few weeks ago. Surely another announcement couldn’t come in the span of three weeks right? Bandai Namco proved us wrong as their Gamescon announcement revealed not just another fighter, but the first member of their DLC pack. Returning to the series from a late edition is Tira!

Tira originally debuted in SoulCalibur III along with Zasalamel. Now just as he was announced to return, she will be there with him. ( after you download her of course). Tira is infamous for her multiple fighting stances, causing her to change movesets completely. She’s also grown to be a major antagonist in the franchise’s plot towards the later games. She can be seen dancing with her ring blade to seamlessly perform combos or even knock opponents back. Since this game is technically taking place in the earlier part of the franchise’s plot, it is uncertain whether Tira will have access to the full capacities of changing her “mood”. Granted, towards the end of the trailer, she can be heard referencing Jolly, a hint that she may still be able to change her style mid-match.

Not only is Tira returning crucial to bringing fans back to the series, she was also announced as DLC. This means that the announcement of Seong Mi-Na and Astaroth, officially revealed the final roster come time of the game’s release. In earlier trailers, the DLC pack was revealed to consist of three characters, so fans who pre-order the game will away with 20 total characters for SoulCalibur VI. Tira being DLC also limits the possibilities of other “returning” characters as there are now only two spots left.

Tira returning makes her the 15th returning character of the franchise and caps the final roster at 17. Two DLC spots are left and the game will drop October 19th!

The finalized current roster, now with DLC is as follows:

  1. Tira (DLC)

  2. Seong Mi-Na

  3. Astaroth

  4. Voldo

  5. Talim

  6. Maxi

  7. Yoshimitsu

  8. Siegfried

  9. Taki

  10. Geralt (guest character)

  11. Ivy

  12. Zasalamel

  13. Kilik

  14. Xianghua

  15. Nightmare

  16. Groh (new character)

  17. Sophitia

  18. Mitsurugi

Check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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