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In Nintendo’s defense, they did announce a “main series” set of games coming to the Switch when they announced the Let’s Go series of games. There’s still a fierce debate online as to whether the Let’s Go games factor into the general lore and timeline of Pokemon games. As Nintendo likes to do, they have released a Nintendo/Pokemon Direct showcase revealing just what these “main series” games are.

Generation 8 of Pokemon will be Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. In the seven-minute video, we saw just how the games will look (without battling) and the layout of the new Galar region. The Internet will surely try to find the real world location Galar is based on, but it seems to be a narrow landmass that encompasses farmland, snowy and regular mountains, cities that look like they were part of old kingdoms, a bustling metropolis and even swamp or lake-like areas. What’s more intriguing are the various stadium-like buildings. Gym battles have been confirmed to return in Galar, but it seems like the gyms are the stadiums. Plus, the gyms are eerily similar to those of football (soccer) stadiums. The protagonist can even be seen in what looks to be a football uniform entering one of the stadiums.

The games look to be cel-shaded with more improvements on the 3D models we saw from gen 7. As with any Pokemon game, the debate over the starters can get heated as well. The classic Grass/Fire/Water triangle appears again with a Grass-type monkey (Grookey), a Fire-type bunny (Scorbunny) and a Water-type lizard (Sobble).

And that’s really all we know except that the games will launch in late 2019 (most likely the fall or right before Christmas) and are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

You can check out the Nintendo Direct below:

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