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SoulCalibur VI made a controversial announcement when fan favorite Tira was revealed as DLC. Many franchise fans were hoping she’d return on the roster when the game first released, similar to Zasalamel. Tira’s announcement as DLC also provided the idea that the roster had been finalized. Now Bandai Namco has created a buzz by announcing another new character.

The new character is called Azwel and fights using his Palindrome, a type of magical item that allows him to produce multiple different weapons out of nowhere. He can essentially adapt to any fighting style he runs into, just by changing the weapon he can summon. Obviously this character is designed to be a newcomer friendly character, or just the token copycat character fighting games are known for these days. While Azwel has his own fighting style, being able to summon multiple weapons has to leave room for some copycat attacks.

Azwel also looks to have a type of berserker mode, similar to the one seen in Kilik’s trailer; although instead of raging bloodlust, Azwel is in complete control. Azwel’s announcement throws off the community because he has yet to be announced as either part of the game’s final roster or DLC. If Azwel is indeed part of the final roster, then SoulCalibur VI will drop with 18 characters altogether (19 if you pre-order Tira). Due to Azwel’s play style, fans may also be outraged over Tira getting moved to DLC and possibly having Azwel take her place on the roster.

Azwel’s role in the story is also unknown although he could be the major antagonist. Since SoulCalibur VI bridges the plot of the franchise’s first two games, Azwel may have been created to further flesh out the world of SoulCalibur. This isn’t the first time characters were created to drive the plot, as Algol did the exact same thing in SoulCalibur V.

There are 19 current members of the roster and two DLC spots left. Hopefully the roster can get an even number of fighters so maybe there are two more characters left to announce. The game will drop October 19th!

The finalized current roster, now with DLC is as follows:

  1. Azwel (new character)

  2. Tira (DLC)

  3. Seong Mi-Na

  4. Astaroth

  5. Voldo

  6. Talim

  7. Maxi

  8. Yoshimitsu

  9. Siegfried

  10. Taki

  11. Geralt (guest character)

  12. Ivy

  13. Zasalamel

  14. Kilik

  15. Xianghua

  16. Nightmare

  17. Groh (new character)

  18. Sophitia

  19. Mitsurugi

Check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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