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The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in some cases, the success of the Black Panther film is often taken for granted. Before Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Sony had a hit with their trilogy of Spider-Man films starring Tobey Maguire. Michael Jai-White also broke ground by playing Spawn, even if it was a one-off film. The MCU itself is only about 10 years old and if anything it was the Blade character played by Wesley Snipes that set the precedent for a superhero franchise and setting up a world within a universe.

It’s no surprise that the Blade character exists in New York City; it was obvious from the original films and it is canon in the comics. With the MCU fully embracing New York City and other locations in their films, Blade could be guaranteed to appear in the future. The Defenders series has crossed over the various individual shows airing on Netflix and even crossed over to Agents of Shield; which also crosses over the Avengers films. Due to this, Wesley Snipes has reemerged with talk of adding Blade to the MCU.

When speaking to Vice, Snipes mentioned that he has been developing a Blade revival over the past two years. Marvel President Kevin Fiege earlier this year also put his two cents in on possibly adding Blade to the MCU. No matter what form it’s in, Blade can work as a film or a TV show similar to Luke Cage. As someone who nearly played the Black Panther in the past, Snipes does know how to cater to that specific demographic as well. Marvel is also drowning in money, so a Blade revival could be capable of anything. Feige himself stated: “what we did before is child’s play compared to what we can do now”.

There is a supernatural side to Marvel that Marvel Studios would love to explore. Dr. Strange has technically already opened that door, but that just means a character like Blade can actually mesh nicely with the current status of the universe. There’s no definite form for a returning Blade character now and the first thing to do would be cast a lead actor, something that Snipes also claims will be hard to do. Snipes wouldn’t necessarily reprise his role as Blade, but he also can’t think of anyone else that could do the character justice.

Would you like to see Blade enter the MCU?

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