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The creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane recently revealed that he is searching for his new titular character. While Marvel is busy with their extended universe, McFarlane decided that he would reboot his iconic supernatural character on his own terms. The first thing he needs though, is his star.

McFarlane’s announcement came after he met with the director of the original film Mark Dippe following various casting calls. What McFarlane calls a coincidence, we call an obvious teaser. Dippe may end up directing the reboot, especially considering the premise behind the resurgence of Spawn.

McFarlane will be making the film on an extremely low budget where he and most of the actors won’t get paid. It’s possible that the director will be working for free as well. Whoever does get to play Spawn will be doing it for the experience instead of the money.

McFarlane’s script currently sees the film revolve around a pair of private investigators (Twitch and Sam) who solve cases dealing with the supernatural. The rise of supernatural cases is attributed to the sudden appearance of Spawn, who will run into the pair at various points in the film. Due to the nature of Spawn’s character in the film, McFarlane doesn’t need Spawn’s actor to speak at all.

McFarlane’s idea has the capabilities of creating something campy and cult-like, but he may need to ask for some investment because Spawn really deserves better. McFarlane could still create this film but fans better get a true reboot later down the line.

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