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The follow-up to seventh generation Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated to drop November 17th but there was still a lot left to wonder about the “sequels”; key word being ‘was’. Earlier today the Pokemon company dropped a trailer which not only added to info we knew about, but actually shocked us with new Ultra Beasts.

In case you haven’t played the seventh generation the Ultra Beasts are strange “creatures” (even by Pokemon standards) that have infiltrated the Alolan region (or possibly the world) through cracks in space and/or time. If anything, the Ultra Beasts have replaced legendary Pokemon in both the Pokedex (the encyclopedia of the game) and ranked competitive play. Yes Pokemon is a part of E-Sports.

The trailer dropped today with the reveal of the of two exclusive Ultra Beasts: UB Assembly and UB Burst. Each one is a version exclusive with Assembly only available in Moon and Burst available in Sun. UB Burst looks like some walking lollipop and UB Assembly is apparently a walking tower.

Along with the new Ultra Beasts more info on the event Rockruff was revealed in the form of exclusive Z-move Splintered Stormshards and moves (Fire Fang or Thunder Fang) with Fire Fang being exclusive to Sun and Thunder Fang in Moon.  The previously revealed event Rockruff gets an exclusive Dusk form evolution only if it has the ability Own Tempo.

Lastly, the mascot Pokemon have been revealed where Solgaleo and Lunala have been corrupted by legendary Pokemon Necrozma (we’re not sure if Necrozma is an Ultra Beast or legendary). The mascot Pokemon are forms of Necrozma after it has fused with Solgaleo or Lunala with the Solgaleo form being Necrozma Dusk Mane form and Lunala being Necrozma Dawn Wings form. This concept is similar to the fifth generation where the mascots Reshiram and Zekrom fused with legendary Kyurem in the sequel.

These are significant changes considering we don’t know the extent of the plot for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. These upcoming games are not sequels but some time has passed between the Sun/Moon and these Ultra games. With about two months left until the release hopefully some more info gets released quickly. Sun and Moon were considered hits but still left franchise fans wanting more than they should be asking for. Watch the trailer for yourself.

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