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Pokemon is an undeniable globally appealing franchise and yet it still draws mixed ire among its demographic. The trailer for the newest Pokemon film Pokemon the Movie: The Power Of Us was already released as the film will debut in Japan next month, however, the English trailer is now available for Westerners to speculate on.

The trailer depicts a new city (called Frau City) that relies mostly on wind power. Somehow Lugia is crucial to the wind powering the city (Lugia is a guardian of the ocean according to the lore, so this is strange). And while the face of the franchise Ash Ketchum is still the protagonist, we do get a look at what could hopefully be the new face of Pokemon: siblings Lisa and Riku. Lisa ends up catching an Eevee at the request of an injured Riku to start her journey as a trainer. This ties into the upcoming Let’s Go series of games as Pikachu and Eevee are the cover mascots. A new researcher is revealed in Trito so he may be the new professor of generation eight and then we see an old man (Kagachi), an old woman (Hisui) and a girl in a forest (Largo).

Not only is Lisa having an Eevee important, but the trailer also gives a glimpse of Zeraora, a Pokemon that was released as a special event for the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games. Pokemon like Zeraora tend to be ambiguous when it comes to the generation they belong in; Zeraora could either be a super late addition to generation seven or it could be the first generation eight Pokemon. Since The Power of Us has ties to the Let’s Go series and that series promised fans a new Pokemon, Zeraora may be closer to the eighth generation after all.

Pokemon the Movie: The Power Of Us will have special theatrical screenings in the U.S. on November 24, 26, 28 and December 1 this year presented by Fathom Events.

You can view the trailer down below:

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