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With EVO Japan 2018 now in the books, the next EVO tournament has started taking shape. Not only was the game list revealed but Arc Systems Works conducted a little damage control from their previous announcement.

The upcoming game BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was previously announced to consist of 20 playable characters with another 20 to be released as DLC. The first DLC character was Blake Belladonna from the RWBY franchise and was listed as free content. By the time EVO hits the United States this year, the game will have been out for two months; so Arc Systems Works decided to make a new announcement. The last member of Team RWBY, Yang Xiao Long, will be free to download.

Ark Systems Works released an updated trailer that not only confirmed the North American release date of June 5th, but also briefly revealed that Yang would be free to consumers. While Blake had actual gameplay footage available, this trailer didn’t feature any footage of Yang.

Over the past few years, BlazBlue was a staple of EVO, but with the newest version of the game dropping two months before EVO, Ark Systems Works possibly needed to provide incentive for competitors to purchase the game. Many fans were ready to boycott the game on its release date due to the initial DLC announcement. The whole thing feels rushed, especially since two months is a short time to establish competitive tiers for the game’s roster. Releasing half of the full roster as DLC also doesn’t help as the tiers can quickly change once a new DLC pack is released.

The DLC packages still don’t have any release dates available and Blake will be available the day the game drops. Despite the addition of Yang as free DLC, fans may not get to play as her until at least July. Hopefully the DLC packages get official release dates and we get to see characters that are worth it considering the characters fans really wanted (Team RWBY) were split up before the game even dropped. It also wouldn’t hurt to see footage of Yang, since it appears her development is already complete.

The new roster is as follows:

  1. Ragna the Bloodegde (BlazBlue)

  2. Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue)

  3. Rachel Alucard (BlazBlue)

  4. Hazama (BlazBlue)

  5. Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue)

  6. Azrael (BlazBlue)

  7. Iron Tager (BlazBlue)

  8. Makoto Nanaya (BlazBlue)

  9. Nu-Number 13 (BlazBlue)

  10. Es (BlazBlue)

  11. Hyde (Under-Night)

  12. Linne (Under-Night)

  13. Waldstein (Under-Night)

  14. Gourdeau (Under-Night)

  15. Yu Narukami (Persona 4)

  16. Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4)

  17. Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)

  18. Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)

  19. Ruby Rose (RWBY)

  20. Weiss Schnee (RWBY)

  21. Blake Belladonna (RWBY DLC)

  22. Yang Xiao Long (RWBY DLC)

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle drops June 5th with its debut in EVO taking place August 3-5 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Watch the updated trailer and reveal below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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