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On the PlayStation Blog the next generation of Sony’s video game console was officially announced. It will be called the PlayStation 5 or PS5 and it will officially launch around the holidays in 2020; perhaps a Black Friday pre-order. The PS5 was already announced to feature solid state drives to ensure more memory space and faster loading times. During the official announcement, the new controllers were revealed as well.

The new supposedly DualShock 5 will be more immersive through “haptic feedback”. Haptic feedback will vary the amount of rumble the controller projects by reading the situation the game is in. For instance, in a racing game, different terrains will project different levels of feedback; which will cause the controllers to rumble with varying degrees. In a fighting game, different strengths of attacks will cause the controllers to rumble appropriately. A heavy hit will cause a stronger feedback than a light hit.

The trigger buttons will be upgraded as well. The new trigger buttons will be adaptive, allowing for different resistance levels depending on what situation the game presents. In the blog’s example, pulling a bow on a string with the trigger buttons will feel different than pulling the trigger on a gun. Game developers will be able to program these differences into the games.

Another feature that isn’t completely confirmed is the ability to install specific modes from games. The PS5 will need physical copies of games, but will allow players to install specific modes from the physical game to customize storage space. If you’re a solo player, you can download only the campaign, or you can download the multiplayer modes if you plan on playing online.

Lastly, PS4 and PS5 players will be able to play together. The next generation is officially here.

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